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KOTA TUTORIALS is an educational group spreaded all across the country to impart quality education students preparing for IIT-JEE/Medical competitive examination. With sky-high ideals and commitment to excellence, now Kota Tutorials has taken a shape of vibrant, dynamic, responsible and most successful coaching & organized institute of the country.

KOTA TUTORIALS is driven by passion for excellence in education has developed unique teaching methodology and system of doing maximum in minimum time with accuracy which is essential for success in any competitive examination. 

KOTA TUTORIALS has the best team of highly experienced and qualified faculty members. Most of the faculty members are IITains / Doctors. They posses outstanding academic credentials, valuable subject knowledge and rare ability to teach subjects effectively. They focus not only on making a student thoroughly knowledgeable but they also sharpen student's speed, accuracy and examination temperament.

KOTA TUTORIALS believes that a student's primary need is effective guidance, which would create motivation and instill courage and confidence to face challengers and that is exactly what KOTA TUTORIALS imparts in all its coaching programmes. For every courses, KOTA TUTORIALS has a strategic & a well charted programme, which aims at harnessing the maximum strengths & energies of students and honing his/her skills in a well organized manner so that it leads them like self guided missile to un failingly hit target in the bull's eye.

Ever since the inception , KOTA TUTORIALS has been showing remarkable performance in preparing and guiding IIT JEE & Medical aspirants. Every year, KOTA TUTORIAL'S students are securing top ranks in IIT JEE & medical Competitive Examinations, which speaks volumes about KOTA TUTORIAL'S commitment to excellence and perfection in imparting education to IIT JEE & Medical Aspirants. Thus KOTA TUTORIALS has become a synonym of success in IIT JEE Medical competitive Examination.


To provide quality vision to be  an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its social ecological and economic environment striving continuously to exceed excellence in field of education, research and technological service to the nation.


To provide quality mission to enrich the quality of education & create & sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological, and economic issues to pursue research and disseminate research findings to provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industry to help in building national capabilities in medical, engineering education and research.



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