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1. If I take up Kota Tutorials franchisee, what will the initial start up cost and what other costs will be involved?
It will cover a number of items mentioned in the feasibility report, franchise license, total fit-out, and basic training on the courses and operation manuals. Costs vary depending on the site and final cost can be best determined once a location and site is identified, inspected and finalized. Kota Tutorials will provide you with a comprehensive schedule of estimated costs; items such as initial investment, working capital and on-going operating costs are detailed in this schedule. Nonetheless the investment will be to the tune of Rs.5 Lacks (Investment vary from city to city).

2. What can be the rate of return, which I/We can expect?
On account of confidentiality, we cannot reveal the exact details. However, after the preliminaries and the investigative report, we would be happy to discuss the financial returns in a personal meeting.

3. What exactly is the Kota Tutorial’s business model?
The Kota Tutorials franchise model is based on a traditional franchising approach where Kota Tutorials provides complete know how of all its operating model, teaching methodology, study material, technical expertise, marketing systems, training systems and management methods to the franchisee. It involves the total way of doing business that has been developed by Kota Tutorials over the years.

The major revenue component for franchise will be:

• Fees received from classroom courses.
• Share in fee from non-classroom programs.
The major cost components for the franchise will be:
• Royalty to Kota Tutorials
• Rent of premises
• Salaries to faculty members and staff
• Study Material Cost
• Advertising and promotion

4. What assistance and continued support will I receive?
Kota Tutorials is committed to provide every possible support to run your new business successfully. We will be sharing our Brand Name and accompanied Brand Equity with you, so we have our personal interest.
Following are the support services provided by Kota Tutorials
• Training and continuous development to faculties and key Staff
• Study material on extra cost basis
• Working model manual
• Teaching Methodology
• Marketing and advertisement support in central advertising and promotion and guidelines on local promotional activities.
• Centralized Examination and Certification process

5. What if I need assistance with something?
Kota Tutorials has a qualified management support team to assist you with any of your problems you may have. Business Development Manager will visit your center regularly to provide product updates and any assistance you may need. Help is only a phone call away.

6. What are the prerequisites for anybody to become a potential franchisee?
We seek the following skills in our potential franchisee:
• Entrepreneurial skill
• Strong motivation
• Commitment
• Sound Financial background
• Ability to manage finances



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