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Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students seeking admission to the classroom programme on the basis of our scholarship tests & school toppers. Also the students from economically weaker section are given fee concessions subject to minimum criteria in our admission list.


1.   Once admitted in one the of year long course run at KT Centre viz. Foundation Course, Fresher Course or KTR & Target Course, if a student leaves the course before completion due to any reason whatsoever, he/she will get the refund of the first installment of the fee after deduction of following amount - From the date of admission Amount Deducted Within one week after admission Rs. 2000/- + Service Tax (as applicable) Within two weeks after admission Rs. 3500/- + Service Tax (as applicable) Within three week after admission Rs. 5000/- + Service Tax (as applicable).

Note : Institute does not have any fee refund policy for students opting for scholarship.

2. No fee will be refunded in case a student leaves the institute after three weeks of admission. Here, his/her departure from the institute my be voluntary or due    to any-other reasons, whatsoever.

3. Fee refund rules are not applicable to the old students of Kota Tutorials who have been promoted from Foundation Batches to Fresher Batches. Such students are not eligible for fee refund.

4. If a student wants to leave the institute and opts for fee refund; he/she should give fee refund application in person on the date of leave.

5. processing of application for refund takes approximately fifteen days.

6. Fee will be refunded by account payee cheque only in the  father's or mother's name.


The Government of India has implemented Service Tax on coaching education from Financial  Bill 2003-2004. As per the bill the Service Tax has to paid by the service receiver (the student undergoing coaching in this case) and it is the responsibility of service provider (the coaching  institute in this case) to collect the service tax department. In financial bill 2008-2009, service tax rate is 12% & in addition to this, Government of India has also implemented education cess @ 3%. on Service Tax. Hence total payable tax  at present is 12.36%. In future, the rate of Service Tax  & Education cess may be reduced/increased by Government of India. The institute has all rights to take appropriate decision and action in such event.




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