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1. Every students must attend the classes in his/her assigned batch only.

2. Students must attend the classes regularly. Student and parents will be sole responsible for student's absenteeism from the classes. Institute will not keep any record of attendance.

3. Student must maintain the strict discipline. Defaulters will be restricted from the institute without refund of fee.



We take pride in the success of our students at IIT-JEE / AIEEE / SLEEE / AIIMS / AFMC / CBSE [PM/PD] / STATE PMT examinations, and top rankers naturally deserve our special appreciation. We honour our students who secure top ranks. Our awards for top 100 rank holders in IIT-JEE / AIEEE / SLEEE / AIIMS / AFMC / CBSE [PM/PD] / STATE PMT will be as mentioned below

Rank Cash Price
1st Rs. 1,00,000
2nd Rs.    50,000
3rd Rs.    25,000
4th to 10th Rs.    10,000 Each
11th to 100th Rs.       5,000 Each


Achievement Award: All students selected in IIT-JEE / AIEEE / SLEEE / AIIMS / AFMC / CBSE [PM/PD] / STATE PMT from all KT's centers are honoured by achievemnet prizes nd moniments in the celebration party.


Every year, KT's celebrates its success in IIT- JEE/AIEEE/SLEEE/AIIMS/AFMC/CBSE(PM/PD)/STATE PMT, and arranges a gala celebration party. Celebration party includes cultural program, prizes and momentous distribution and group photographs. All students selected from all KT's centres must attend the celebration party.


Institute facilitates the students with well equipped library open for all of them on behalf of caution contain money which is refundable after the completion of the course.


KT has pioneered the system of organizing open seminars on "Your Child Engineer ? Doctor ?"  to all parents of engineering & medical aspirants. These seminars are usually organized with sole objective of preparing students completely so that they can face the challenges of competition with enough confidence & competence.


KT has furnished hostel facility (separate for girls & boys) which is available to all students from outer cities. The hostel expenditure to be paid, is very nominal for the student.


KT has introduced bus facility which is available to all the student on payment of monthly charges as applicable to that area decided by the KT.


1. Enrolled student are expected to progress satisfactorily. Any student whose performance falls below the minimum acceptable standard, will be asked to withdraw from the institute. In such cases fees paid will not be refunded.

2. A student found to have got admission by forging marks sheet, signature of parents etc. then his/her enrollment with KT will be terminated and full fee will be forfeited.

3. KT reserves the right to deny admission to a student without giving any reason.

4. KT reserves the right to make additions and alternations in the rules, working hours, teaching methodology, syllabus and time table as may be deemed necessary from time to time without any prior information.

5. In matters not covered in above rules and regulations, the decision of KT's director shall be final and binding to student and his/her guardian.

6. All disputes are subject to Agra jurisdiction only.





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