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Medical Plus

It is a well known fact that all the students require true guidance at the particular term of his career in the present scenario of education. Proper education & accurate guidance contribute significantly alot to achieve their aim along with leading result- oriented directions.

After having developed strong command over engineering entrance examinations KOTA TUTORIALS launched a separate medical wing – Medical Plus. Medical Plus has reached unparallel heights of success. We have produced AIR-2 (AIIMS) Mr. Nishant Gurnani, AIR-1 (CPMT) Mr. Akash Jain, AIR-3 (JIMPER) mr. Nishant Gurnani, & Many more selections in AIIMS/CPMT/CBSE/ PM/PD and various other Medical entrance examinations.

Ever since KOTA TUTORIALS’ beginning in 2002 it has been growing at a remarkably pace. It was the zeal of director Mr. Harsh Bhasker, a renown academician and IIT graduate that lad to setting up the first institute in India producing best result in engineering and medical entrance examinations.
Medical Plus is a dream for the students that will impart them a new horizon not only in MBBS, BAMS But in other medical & Pharmaceutical courses.

Medical Plus is given by passion for excellence in education has developed unique teaching methodology and system and system of doing maximum in minimum time with accuracy which is essential for success in any competitive examination.

Various new steps have been taken to strengthen ourselves at all India level. Therefore rigorous work was done on the Medical study material. It has been done for the first time in India that the daily problem practice sheets was introduced to medical aspirants which was the main back bone for producing this type of result.

We hope to make our strong presence at national level in the coming years.

MP* Teaching Methodology

We conduct minimum 24 Lectures (Regular Classes) per week i.e. 4 lectures each of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. The number of lectures per subject per week may be increased/reduced depending on the syllabus requirements. Apart from regular classes we conduct many academic activities for complete preparation.

MP* Coaching Programme Includes

• Classroom Session (Theory Classes)
• Daily Problem Practice Sheets
• Study Material
• Exercise Sheets
• Doubt Classes
• Scheduled Test Series
• Test Analysis Sessions
• Rank & Results



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